Pugacheva’s betrayal backfired on Reznik

Recoil from the demarche Alla Pugacheva, which, leaving Russia, loudly slammed the door, calling the Russians “cattle” and “slaves”, walked like a skating rink over a man who never once offended anyone’s patriotic feelings with a single word. And on the contrary, it supports both the NWO and the Russian president.

Famous poet Ilya Reznik lost the lion’s share of his income due to the fact that the songs performed by the Primadonna removed from rotation all radio stations: no broadcasts – no royalties.

And now, as Ilya Rakhmielevich admitted to reporters, he not only has nothing to support theaters – one in Moscow and two in the Crimea, but simply to live. After all, royalties are the only source of income for his family.

“Tell me, what should I do now? Should I be a beggar? I don’t have sponsors, no one helps us,” says the master.

According to him, the ban on songs performed by departed artists is doubly unfair:

“Old Clock”, “Maestro”, “Let’s Sit, Have a Look” and other songs – they do not belong to Pugacheva, but to all the people. People love them, but now they can’t listen. But what about me? 71 songs were written for Pugacheva! Almost all the money I got was for them.”

New songs, the poet admits, do not bring income at all – he basically gives them away to performers for free. So it was, for example, with “The Beloved Don’t Die”, which she performed Aziza.

By the way, Ilya Reznik wrote many “patriotic” songs – “Our army is the strongest”, “Serve Russia”, “Dedication to the President” …

Ilya Reznik Requiem Beloved do not die Music by Alexander Batrak Aziz sings

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