Pugacheva saw in the sky over Jurmala a sign from above: “Great rarity”

Alla Pugacheva I ran out into the street with my family to observe an unusual natural phenomenon in the sky over Jurmala. The prima donna decided that the heavens were sending some kind of sign.

Maxim Galkin published a video in his microblog. In the footage, the children of the star couple point their fingers at the sky and exclaim in surprise.

Harry pointed to the sky, which was iridescent with oranges, yellows and pinks. The hues of the sky changed and flared brightly at sunset.

“What is this anyway?” The boy was sincerely surprised.

Behind the scenes, Alla Borisovna gave an explanation to the heir.

“Very rare. This is a sign of heaven,” said the People’s Artist of the USSR.

Earlier, Maxim Galkin in Latvia filmed Alla Pugacheva and admired her natural beauty without photoshop.

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