Pugacheva doomed herself to suffering with a fatal act

Alla Pugacheva left Russia forever.

Alla Pugacheva left Russia forever.


Alla Pugacheva together with her children Lisa and Harry left Russia without a return ticket. The prima donna and her heirs flew from Moscow to Israel on a private plane.

Alla Pugachevait seems, committed a fatal act. Fell from Moscow to Tel Aviv. Tore off children Lisa and Harry from studying at an elite gymnasium. And, it seems, doomed herself to suffering and complete oblivion. After all, as you know, life in emigration is not sugar.

The whole life of the artist was spent in the homeland. At the peak of her fame, she had the opportunity to live in any country in the world, but remained in Russia.

Now she has not performed for a long time, in a foreign land no one knows her. There she is the same ordinary pensioner, like hundreds of thousands of others. And the vocalist got used to attention and universal love, in Russia she was treated kindly.

“Most likely, Pugacheva emigrated… In Russia, she has nothing to do with her husband, a foreign agent. What a rebellious old age. Emigration will obviously finish off the artist. I wouldn’t want to croak, as the people say, but the singer is really a deeply ill person … “- says the secular columnist of the Nemalakhov telegram channel.

Just a month ago Alla Borisovna effectively appeared in the Russian capital, opening the door of her elite car from her foot. And now the news about emigration. However, gossipers have long whispered that the singer returned to Russia not for the start of the school year, but in order to sell off her property.

It is possible that the Primadonna went to an Israeli clinic for treatment. Her health has been deteriorating lately. Perhaps Pugacheva’s condition has deteriorated sharply. In the spring, the artist admitted that she really turned to foreign specialists for help.

Fans of the star are surprised by her imminent escape from the country. After all, she did not even bury a close friend Boris Moiseev. He died in his apartment after a third stroke on 27 September.

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