Pugachev was offered to release Galkin from “captivity”

Singer and composer Alexander Fadeev – the creative pseudonym of Danko – believes that Maxim Galkin is putting pressure on his wife Alla Pugacheva. Although Alla Borisovna does not look like a person who can be pressured, let’s get acquainted with the arguments of the singer Danko.

And he is very critical of Maxim Galkin. Believes that he “destroyed” his wife, at the same time depriving Russia of a performer whom everyone knew and loved.

According to Alexander “Danko” Fadeev, Alla Borisovna is captured by Maxim Alexandrovich. He believes that “perhaps in the family plan, Alla Pugacheva flourished with him, after all, she has a husband and children, but Galkin destroyed the Pugacheva that we used to know.”

This conclusion was prompted by Danko’s consideration that Alla Borisovna “has no new songs, nothing.”

“It seems to me that her husband puts a lot of pressure on her. Alla Borisovna herself surrendered to the will of her husband. But she is a person of a different level. It seems to me that she must be freed from Galkin“, Danko said in an interview with Teleprogramma. pro.

Alla Pugacheva herself recently announced that she plans to return to Russia closer to autumn, since the children will need to go to school. A married couple and their children have been in Israel for several months.

By the way, the host of the program “60 minutes” of the channel “Russia 1” Yevgeny Popov admitted that he would be happy to wait for Alla Pugacheva in Russia – unlike her husband.

“Let Galkin stay anywhere, let him teach Hebrew, and return our property – to Pugachev!” — said the journalist.

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