Public transport bus invades whereabouts and runs over a mother with her girl in Los Olivos

Accident in Los Olivos leaves two people injured. (Pan American)

in the district of The olivesat approximately 3:30 pm, a violent car accident It was caused by a public transport bus driver at the intersection of Universitaria and Santa Elvira avenues.

Likewise, the driver of the vehicle, who would have assured that his brakes emptied, invaded a nearby whereabouts and as a result of this act he ran over two people. Among them, a mother with her daughter, who apparently was returning from school.

The impact it even caused a tree trunk to topple over. On the other hand, those affected were immediately taken to a health center in a taxi.

“The Cinco Continentes company bus was coming from Carabayllo to La Marina, its brakes emptied, it was not my time because it could go against me […]. Unfortunately, it goes to the garden and the tree falls on the girl,” a man who works at bus stops as a controller told Buenos Días Peru.

A shock between a car and a garbage truck in the olive trees It left one person injured and one deceased. The event happened on the Panamericana Norte, passing the Naranjal oval in the direction from south to north.

Likewise, the red car with the ABU-531 license plate hit the garbage truck of the company Tecnologia Ecológica Prima SAC, which is in charge of providing services to the Municipality of Breña, according to America news.

The co-pilot lost his life while the driver was transferred to the Jesús del Norte clinic. In the pictures you can see that the auto It was stuck in the back of the truck. According to the morning, the driver of the vehicle heavy He was transferred to the Laura Caller police station to carry out the respective proceedings.

In the La Libertad region, an oversight and capsize of the Embragase company bus, left about 10 dead at km 669 of the Pan-American Highway, at the entrance to the district of San Pedro de Lloc, in the province of Pacasmayo.

The Emtrafesa company bus was heading from Trujillo to Chiclayo.  (Jaime Angulo/Facebook)
The Emtrafesa company bus was heading from Trujillo to Chiclayo. (Jaime Angulo/Facebook)

The T2C-784 bus departed at 6:45 am from Trujillo towards Chiclayo. At approximately 9 in the morning, the tragic accident occurred in an area known as the oval. It is presumed that the main reason was due to human error, which would have caused the vehicle to leave the road and end up overturned, according to channel N.

In addition, in the images that were disseminated about the accident, it is possible to observe the presence of firefighters and agents of the Peruvian National Police (PNP) who cordoned off the place. Some passengers commented that there would be more victims mortals below the unit.

The identity of the deceased could not be identified. For this reason, they were waiting for the criminalistics experts to remove the bodies and the corresponding proceedings.


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