Psychologist Metelina called the main mistakes on the first date

Psychologist, expert in the field of relations between men and women Alisa Metelina spoke in an interview with Pravda.Ru about the mistakes people most often make on first date.

According to her, the biggest mistake – talking about problems. As the specialist explained, sometimes women begin to tell men about the difficulties that exist in their lives, wanting to feel like “little girls”. She recommended avoiding such a scenario on a first date.

“If a woman says that she has health problems or a bad relationship with her mother, and a man complains that he can’t do business, then people understand that we are definitely not on the right path,” Metelina said.

Second problem on the first date – unkempt appearance. The psychologist recommended that I put myself in order as much as possible before meeting with a potential partner.

Third mistake – setting an obligation, when a girl or a young man comes with the position “you owe me.” She noted that the parties are not required to entertain and surprise each other on the first date.

“This message“ come on, surprise me, baby ”, of course, destroys the whole veil of the first date, so you still need to try to look decent, share positive moments, be interested in a person,” the psychologist concluded.

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