Psychic from Russia Galina Trofimova brutally murdered in Turkey on Christmas night

Her Iranian lover is suspected in the death of psychic Uu Dalaya

Her Iranian lover is suspected in the death of psychic Uu Dalaya

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Psychic from Russia Galina Trofimova found dead in Turkey on Christmas Eve. The shaman moved to Istanbul with two children in search of personal happiness. In a foreign land, she tried to build a relationship with a chosen one named Khabib. And now the woman’s relatives suspect a handsome lover of her death.

Relatives of psychic Galina Trofimova are sure that it was Khabib who was involved in the death of a psychic. Now the man is on the run, presumably he went to Iran.

“Our sister died at the hands of a man with black thoughts. Her life was cut short by a man whom she loved and considered her husband. The killer took her phone, stole all the money and went on the run to Iran“, announced Trofimova’s sister.

Relatives are sending the psychic’s body to Russia. They organized a fundraiser.

Galina was considered a successful psychic, lived in Moscow, then moved to Turkey with her daughter and son. The girl conducted marathons and training courses, was known for her psychic abilities, and was initiated into shamans. She blessed, led meditations, conveyed the messages of the great shamans, taught the knowledge of “Bazza”.

In Turkish language courses, she met an Iranian named Habib. The lonely beauty was crazy about him.

“After a difficult marriage, I licked my wounds for a long time. I answered aggressively to all questions about my personal life, they say, I don’t need anyone. I specially intimidated everyone who wanted to get to know me. My Khabibushka was not afraid at all. He said, “If you want, you can look at my card and decide if you are interested in me.” Born and raised in a country of the strictest Islam to support me on my difficult path,” shared a woman known as psychic Uu Dalaya, shortly before her death.

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