Protests in Cusco: protesters set fire to two vehicles in the Antapaccay mining camp

Protesters entered the Antapaccay mining camp and set fire to two vehicles.
Protesters entered the Antapaccay mining camp and set fire to two vehicles.

At noon this Thursday, a group of protesters entered the Antapaccay mining camp, located in the province of Espinar, in Cusco. According to a preliminary report of the Ministry of Energy and Mines (Minem)a truck and a minivan that were inside the facilities were set on fire.

The Minem reported that the intention of the invaders would have been to burn the entrance gate to the camp and the hill. In addition, in that area of ​​the mining center the workers of the mining operation were resting.

Faced with this situation, the antapaccay mining company, operated by Glencore indicated that the “necessary security measures” were immediately put in place to guarantee the safety of the workers who have been taken to safety.

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“Our company is respectful of the right to protest, however, in no way shares these reprehensible and criminal acts that put the integrity of our workers and the civilian population in general at risk,” said the mining company.

In addition, Antapaccay Mining publicly demanded respect for the integrity of its workers and called on the Executive Power, the authorities of Espinar and the population of the province to promote dialogue to find viable solutions to the crisis situation that the country is going through.

The Minem also reported that after 1:10 pm the number of protesters in the area increased, which is why they are monitoring the situation of the mining camp.

For his part, he Minister of Energy and Mines, Óscar Verain a press conference after the Council of Ministers session, denounced that the group of protesters were burning the vehicles and machinery.

Minister of Energy and Mines regrets entering the Antapaccay mine. tv peru

He also reported that the mining company is evicting 2,000 workers from the mine to safeguard them from possible acts of violence. “We call, from here, to reflect on the people who are doing that. The only thing they do is harm the investments that generate wealth for our country,” he added.

Since January 3, the so-called Southern Mining Corridor -which crosses Apurímac, Cusco and Arequipa- has been interrupted by protesters, which has caused three mining companies to stop transporting copper concentrate.

in Las Bambas (Apurímac), workers of the company MMG Las Bambas They confirmed that the transport of the mineral was stopped on Tuesday of last week due to the existing blockades in southern Peru, reported Diario Gestión.

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From the beginning of its operations in 2016 to November 2022, Las Bamba Minings has been blocked for more than 549 days, around 17 months. Meanwhile, Hudbay, which operates the Constancia copper mine (Cusco), reported that its production continues normally.

However, its units cannot move ore through the aforementioned 482-kilometer corridor, just like Antapaccay Mine (Cusco), due to the demonstrations in Espinar.

Meanwhile, the National Society of Mining, Oil and Energy (Snmpe) warned that the blockade of the roads in Espinar puts “30% of the country’s copper production at serious risk”, since it prevents the normal operation of mining companies such as Las Bambas, Hudbay (Constancia mine) and Glencore (Antapaccay mine). .


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