Protests could start in Germany and Poland over high energy prices

International Expert of the Resources and Energy Market Vladimir Demidov in a conversation with Pravda.Ru, he assessed the situation with heating in European countries. According to the expert, their authorities are forced to save.

“They need to keep the temperature both in public institutions and in homes at a certain level. In Switzerland, for example, you can get a fine for violating this rule,” the specialist said.

He also listed countries that are now experiencing a shortage of electricity in apartments. In these states, the heating season starts earlier than in others, the analyst explained.

“Poland, the Baltics, Germany, the countries of the Eastern bloc and the Alpine region,” the source said.

According to Demidov, protest activity may increase in the West. The reason will be the rise in prices for resources, the expert said.

“In Northern Europe, payments are increasing by about 10 times. Previously, people in Prague and Germany took to the streets with posters “Turn on the Nord Stream”. Now it’s impossible. Most likely, citizens will demand the payment of large subsidies,” the specialist concluded.

Former head of the Hungarian government Viktor Orban reported a negative effect anti-Russian restrictive measures. Because of them, the cost of resources has sharply increased, the politician emphasized.

“Brussels has imposed energy sanctions on EU member states,” the prime minister added during a national consultation.

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