Protest against Russian terrorist attack in Olenivka in Vienna

On Sunday evening, a protest rally took place on the central square of Vienna, Geldenplatz, against the massacre of Ukrainian prisoners of war by Russia in Yelenovka and demanding that the Russian terrorist state be held accountable.

This was reported by an Ukrinform correspondent in Austria.

Hundreds of Ukrainians and friends of Ukraine came to Heroes’ Square to express their condemnation of the terrorist act committed by the Russians in the Yelenovka colony. The action, initiated by activists of the Ukrainian community, has become the largest over the past few months in the capital of Austria, despite the short-term organization of the event, which was announced on social networks the day before.

“Olenovka. Azovstal. We will never forget. We will never forgive”, “You will burn in hell for this”, “Save the defenders of Mariupol”, “Unpunished evil will return with renewed vigor”, “Do not trust the terrorist” – it was said, except other things, on self-made posters of protesters.

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The most massive poster, probably, was the inscription: “Russia is a terrorist state.” This feature of the Russian federation was also placed on a huge banner, which was placed on a makeshift stage, located on the pedestal of one of the monuments in the square.

The protesters also held photographs of the victims of the Russian terrorist attack in Olenovka. Some girls had bloody tears and marks of torture painted on their faces.

A rally was held in Vienna against the Russian terrorist attack in Olenivka / Photo: Vasily Korotkiy, Ukrinform

“What happened on July 29 is the same as what happened on September 11 in New York, and the same as what happened in Auschwitz in 1945,” Andriy Karioti, an activist of the Ukrainian community, said in his speech.

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He noted that Russia, as a terrorist state, must be punished for this and other crimes committed in Ukraine during its armed aggression. According to the activist, the civilized world has done too little to prevent such tragedies. “This happened because the guys were imprisoned for 90 days and not a single Austrian or EU politician said anything to save them,” he said.

In between speeches, the protesters loudly chanted “Glory to Ukraine!”, “Glory to the Armed Forces of Ukraine!”, “Azovstal!” and other slogans. The action ended with a joint performance of the Anthem of Ukraine.

As you know, on the night of July 29, on the territory of the former correctional colony No. 210 in the Olenovka village in the temporarily occupied territory of the Donetsk region, a powerful explosion occurred in the building in which Ukrainian prisoners of war were kept. According to the Russian side, as a result, about 50 Ukrainian defenders were killed, and more than 70 were seriously injured. At the same time, Kremlin propagandists tried to blame Ukraine for allegedly firing missiles from American HIMARS systems at its captured soldiers.

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As the Main Intelligence Directorate of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine later reported, the explosions took place on the territory of the industrial zone in a new building, which was supposed to be specially equipped for the detention of prisoners taken out of Azovstal. The equipment of the building ended 2 days ago, after which some of the detained Ukrainian defenders were transferred to it. Military intelligence emphasized that the explosions in Olenivka, which led to the death of Ukrainian defenders, were “a deliberate provocation and an unconditional act of terrorism on the part of the armed forces of the occupier.”

Aleksey Arestovich, adviser to the head of the President’s Office, also stated that, according to pyrotechnical experts who analyzed the Russian video from Olenovka, the picture looks more like an explosion of a substance with a high burning temperature inside the building itself than the result of shelling.

The international intelligence community InformNapalm stated that thermobaric weapons were probably used against Ukrainian prisoners in the temporarily occupied Olenivka, Donetsk region.

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Satellite images of the colony in Olenivka before and after the tragedy show that as a result of the “shelling”, which was announced by the Russian invaders, no other building was damaged on the territory of the colony, except for the barracks where Ukrainian prisoners of war were kept. Thus, this also indicates that there were no attacks from multiple launch rocket systems, as the Russian side claims, on the colony.

Occupation forces in the temporarily occupied territory of Donetsk region at the request of the Ukrainian branch of the International Committee of the Red Cross denied employees of this organization access to Ukrainian prisoners of war in Olenivkawhich is a direct violation by the Russian invaders of the provisions of the Geneva Convention.

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