Prostration? The expert told how to recover quickly

Each of us at least once felt a breakdown and lack of energy to implement our plans, but not everyone knows that the level of energy depends on everyday things. If you don’t feel like doing anything right now, then there are a few simple ways to return energy. A mentor in spiritual development, meditation, standing on nails shared life hacks with Pravda.Ru readers Ksenia Pevchenko.

What takes energy?

Thoughts of the past and future

Thinking about the past takes both a huge amount of time and energy, but we cannot change the past. Also, do not think ahead, thinking how good it will be when we finish some business, earn a lot of money or achieve our goals. We are trapped in living in the future and not enjoying the present. Shift your focus to the present, try to enjoy the moment. While thoughts are in the past and future, all energy goes into a time that does not exist.

Hanging out with people you don’t want to hang out with

Perhaps you have people around you who speak negatively about you, make you listen to how everything is bad in their life, it’s just unpleasant for you to communicate with someone. It is important to exclude such people from your social circle, and if this is not possible, then minimize communication with them. When we communicate with unpleasant people, we spend ten times more energy on it than on ordinary communication. Communication should fill you up or at least leave you in a neutral position.

Lies (both to others and to yourself)

When we lie to others, we have to remember this lie so as not to fall into our own trap, and if a lie has become a part of our life, then all the energy is spent only on maintaining it and there is not enough energy for ourselves. When you lie to yourself, then you have to convince yourself of what you yourself do not believe. The best way out is to gradually start being honest with yourself and others, you will immediately feel relieved, and you will have the energy to implement.

Clutter in the room as a whole, in cabinets, in handbags, in gadgets

Old things or things in disarray take energy, create informational noise in space. If you haven’t used a thing for more than six months, evaluate sensibly whether you need it or whether it just takes up space. All torn, broken things either fix or throw away. Now there are many charities and recycling organizations where you can donate things.

Decisions not made

A lot of energy goes into thinking about a decision, the longer you do not make it, the more energy is wasted. At the same time, as a rule, you already have a solution inside you, just for some reason you delay it. You may not like it or you are waiting for someone to make a decision for you, tell you how to do it right. If you have such unmade decisions, it’s time to put an end to it.

Solving the problems of others

How often, when other people complain to you about their problems, do you start helping them, even though you were not even asked to? You are taking on more responsibility. Make it a habit to wait until you are asked for help, and say “no” if you feel you don’t have the time or resources to help.

When you take it all on

The reverse side: you have a lot of tasks, but you pull everything on your own, do not ask for help, and in your head you also scroll the thought “could help”. Do not hesitate to ask, perhaps others do not even know that you need help. You will not become weaker from this, and others can only rejoice at such an opportunity.

Negative unlived emotions (anger, resentment, etc.)

They not only take away energy, because they need to be contained inside, but also negatively affect health. We are not taught to live through the negative, usually on the contrary they say: “do not cry, you are strong.” The easiest ways to live emotions: cry, scream, write down all emotions on paper, go in for sports, express emotions through creativity, emotions can also be expressed in a session with a psychologist, in a rage room where you can break things.

Failure to keep promises

It takes energy to think about what you promised but did not do. You begin to blame yourself for these promises. Here it is important to stop yourself and clearly assess whether you can fulfill this promise or whether you are simply giving it automatically. Remember that you can always refuse a promise by explaining that you cannot keep it.

How to restore energy


The easiest way. It is important here to really get enough sleep, not 7-8 hours, as is considered the standard, but sleep until you wake up yourself. It is also important to go to bed between 22 and 24 hours, because at this time the body recovers as much as possible. Healthy sleep is often one of the key solutions for restoring energy.

Fresh food, more raw vegetables and fruits

Try to eliminate or at least minimize fast food, very fatty/salty/sweet foods. The body needs a lot of energy to digest such food, but fresh vegetables and fruits, on the contrary, will fill the body with energies. Perhaps at first such a diet will be unusual, but after a few days you will feel the result.


No need to spend hours killing yourself in the gym, even the simplest exercise for 15 minutes a day will fill the body with energy. Try different sports and find what suits you. Gym, running, dancing, yoga, rock climbing – now there are many options where you can spend time interestingly and with benefits for the body. You can play sports with friends to further motivate yourself to exercise.

Drink more water instead of coffee and sugary drinks

Yes, drinks can also take energy. Often after we drink coffee or something sweet, at first we get a boost of energy, but then this energy sharply decreases. These are physiological processes, try replacing at least one cup of coffee or soda with water and see how you feel.

Any creative activity

Creativity is very inspiring and a catalyst for energy. It could be anything:

  • cross stitch,
  • singing,
  • dancing,
  • cooking new dishes.

And even if you consider yourself an uncreative person, there is always a solution, for example, you can buy paintings by numbers and color them.


Here, too, it is not necessary to meditate for a long time, even 5 minutes a day will be beneficial. Mediation helps you focus on yourself, on the present. Through meditation, our mind gradually learns to concentrate. To start meditating, you can simply sit in a comfortable position and focus on your breathing, or you can search the Internet for recordings of guided meditations.

Massages, spas, relaxing baths

The body not only needs to be energized through sports and food, but it is also important to take time to relax. Massage is one of the easiest and most effective ways to do this. And for home relaxation, you can buy bath salts and bombs with aromatic oils and enjoy time with yourself, the main thing at this moment is not to be distracted by the phone, but just relax.

Creating a cozy atmosphere at home

Home is the place where we regenerate, so add to the atmosphere of the home what you like. Perhaps you have long wanted to decorate your home with paintings or scented candles and incense. To restore energy, it’s time to do it.

Curator Natalia Krasovskaya

Natalia Krasovskaya – PhD in Psychology, member of the Russian Association of Political Sciences

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