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Karel (85)

Mr. Karel never married, had no children or wrote. There was only a house left in the village, which the daughters of two Charles’s two dead brothers had to deal with after his death. A battle was expected over the fate of a fortune between a pair of sisters and cousins, or their families did not have to. The conflict really flared up, but among the sisters, the younger agreed to the cousin’s proposal to sell the house and a fairly distributed pension, while she understood the old sibling’s activity as a conspiracy with an invisible family and an effort to keep her out of the event. There followed a marathon of bitter speculation and the obscene, utterly nonsensical, into which, unfortunately, the mother of two children was also involved, she is an invincible young daughter, as she said, forever. In the end, Pbh Ddictv had a rough deal: the old sister had resisted selling the house after the furnace, the vision of a protracted lawsuit with relatives did not appeal to her. No one has ever healed this scar on a broken relationship in families …


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If Mr. Karel had known what he had done to us, he would have been able to write in his lifetime and the child would have succumbed to it. You would be prevented by the conflict, who in. Even if the paragraphs cannot live up to the wildest pious excess, the civil society is trying to define a relatively pregnant woman first.

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