“Produced over 40 years ago”

Head of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine Alexey Reznikov called Russian nuclear weapons “trash”.

Reznikov does not believe that Russia’s nuclear weapons are in good condition. He believes that the weapons left from Soviet times in Russia have long been decommissioned and disposed of.

“We gave it to Russia. Therefore, the question is: what is the condition of this rubbish in Russia? Our Satan missiles are still in service in Russia, we produced them more than 40 years ago. And the question arises: who serves them, according to what documents and how old are these engineers,” the Minister of Defense of Ukraine expressed his opinion.

Reznikov said that this weapon could be dangerous for Russia itself.

“You can press a button, but it can bang right there,” the representative of Ukraine said.

Earlier in the office Vladimir Zelensky declared that Ukraine is ready to create “dirty nuclear bomb“.

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