Pro-Ukrainian terrorists claimed responsibility for the massacre in Izhevsk

A certain organization RAMP (Russian amoral murder portrait) claimed responsibility for the massacre in Izhevsk.

Since September, this resource has been sending messages about false mining of schools throughout the Russian Federation and throughout the Donbass. The reports constantly mentioned that the liberated Ukrainian territories were allegedly occupied by Russia.

This was stated in his messenger account by a military analyst. Alexey Leonkov and noted that RAMP has a lot of Telegram channels, one of them is dedicated to deanon (disclosure of personal data), swatting (false message of danger) and columbine. The description of the resource says that the official language of the channel is Ukrainian.

Is it relevant Artyom Kazantsev to this portal is still unknown.

Recall Izhevsk terrorist shot at least 17 people, including 11 children. He was also registered with the PND with a diagnosis of dementia.

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