Prisoners of the Armed Forces of Ukraine from the boiler near Lisichansk said they did not shoot, but dug trenches

Materials from the interrogation of prisoners of war taken near Lisichansk are published by the Military Review. The publication provides footage with soldiers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine lying on the ground, a Russian special forces officer is interrogating, asking the age, full name, rank of the captured, sometimes the reason for joining the ranks of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

“They took me away, I didn’t want to. They mobilized them by force,” one of the prisoners admits.

The age of the main part of the soldiers is 20-30 years. Many testify that they did not participate in the hostilities, but only dug trenches, worked in the kitchen or performed the duties of orderlies.

“Only a part of these excuses may look like the truth, given that a forced campaign to call up reservists is in full swing in Ukraine,” the source states.

Previously reportedthat in Zolote and Horsk near Lisichansk about 2 thousand Ukrainian soldiers were surrounded.

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