“Print-art”: editorial art made in Spain arrives in Naples

Rome, 12 Jan. The books, artistic posters, printed papers and “rare” magazines by Spanish creators, but also Latin Americans residing in Spain, arrive this Thursday in the Italian city of Naples (south) with the exhibition “Print-art: print, display, sing” , promoted by the Cervantes Institute.

The exhibition, which can be visited until February 28 in the capital of Campania, has a collection of 35 creations of all sizes: from a tiny poem printed on metro tickets, the work of the Mexican Darya von Berner, to disturbing characters embodied in the large drawings of the Spanish Marta Serna.

The works, expressly chosen to “dialogue” with the space in which they are exhibited, the Italo Calvino library of the Portacarrese Contemporary Art Gallery of the Foqus Foundation in Naples, have as a common axis an editorial work committed to the social and to the artistic.

“The exhibition presents artistic practices that are socially involved, taking into account the gender perspective with a message that affects female artistic creation as a fundamental agent of action and change,” the exhibition’s curator, Argentine Laura Lío, explained to EFE.

The exhibition also highlights the importance of the physical and tangible at a time when, although materials “circulate digitally and at full speed through the networks, we continue to print on paper.”

“In the case of Naples, we find street signs announcing the death of a neighbor or commemorating the years of his absence; an urban tradition that is surprising in a city with more than three million inhabitants,” he said.

With the aim of “gathering the dispersed, articulating the heterogeneous and what circulates from hand to hand”, and beyond the exhibition, the “print-art” project also brings Neapolitans closer to the editorial innovations of Spanish artists and professionals at through various informative cultural activities.

“We consider it of great importance that artistic practices reappropriate public space to put it at the service of common interests, such as the paradigms of an inclusive society and a system that attends to sustainability,” explained the curator.

Along with the premiere of the exhibition, on January 12 and 13, the renowned visual artist Pepe Murciego, editor of the magazine “La Más Bella”, will lead informative workshops in which they will share and experiment with some of the projection techniques, compose and edit a “singular or rare” magazine.

The visual artist María Gimeno and the Italian Nera Prota will take a tour of the great gender gaps that mark the history of art in the bilingual performance “Dear Old Women”, which can be seen at the Academy of Fine Arts in Naples on the 16th of February.

A day later, on February 17, the local headquarters of the Cervantes Institute will host a conference on the publications of artists, self-publishing, photobooks, posters and “non-books” that are kept in the library of the Faculty of Fine Arts of the University Complutense of Madrid.

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