Prince of Malaysia with a Russian passport: Where is my dad?!

Now Oksana is forced to explain to her son, Prince Tenk, why his father does not want to see them...

Now Oksana is forced to explain to her son, Prince Tenk, why his father does not want to see them…


The wedding of “Miss Moscow-2015” Oksana Voevodina with the king of Malaysia, which thundered all over the world in November 2018, instilled confidence in many girls: they say that the princes are not all gone yet, and Russian women are still valued. But the happiness of “Cheburashka” and “Rabbit” (as Muhammad V Faris Petra called himself and his wife during the marriage ceremony) turned out to be short-lived.

In July 2019, Oksana found herself outside the royal palace with a divorce certificate and a newborn prince of Malaysia in her arms.

Heir to the throne with a Moscow residence permit

Oksana and Faris met in Europe. Looking at a large man in an ordinary cap, Vojvodina found it hard to believe that she was facing the real supreme ruler of the country. Non-binding correspondence and calls were replaced by an invitation to spend a weekend together in the Seychelles and a declaration of love. By that time, Muhammad V Faris was the elected king of Malaysia, who succeeded his father in this post.

Their romance lasted almost a year and a half and ended with a secret wedding ceremony in the homeland of the spouse. For the sake of love, Oksana converted to Islam and changed her name, becoming Rihana. Faris assured that Vojvodina was his only, first wife. Both dreamed of a happy family life and children.

When the couple decided to get married in Russia, Oksana was already pregnant. Only pleasant chores in anticipation of the first-born turned into a drama. The pregnancy was difficult, the girl went to a Swiss clinic for preservation in the fourth month, her husband at that moment was on business in Munich. Communication between the spouses was tense and came down to the fact that Faris stopped responding to messages and calls from his wife.

– I called my husband, but again he did not pick up the phone. Then I went from Lugano to Munich – five hours through the mountains, – Oksana recalled. But at the hotel where Faris was staying, no one was waiting for her. Moreover, the servants, knowing for sure about something, became very nervous at the sight of the model. – When he came, he said that I could not spend the night here. Then I realized that he was not alone. We have a scandal. Since then, I have not seen him again.

After this quarrel, Oksana decided to give birth in Moscow. During the New Year holidays, Muhammad V wrote to his wife that he loved her and wanted them to be together again, but things did not go beyond these words.

Albert or Leon

A boy with a long name Tenku Ismail Leon Petra Bin Tenku Muhammad V Faris Petra was born in Moscow in May 2019. In his three years, he has never seen his father, who, in turn, does not yearn to meet his only son. In Malaysia, even after the birth of the only heir Faris, there was a rumor that Oksana worked up Leon on the side, which is why she chose such a strange name – Leon: supposedly in honor of Leonid’s former lover.

– Initially, with the father of the child, it was decided to name the son in honor of the grandfather of Sultan Ismail, my task was to choose only the middle name … and then it began. He was Albert, Adrian, Timur, Emin… even Lyon. Leon is a French name meaning “lion”. I always liked the name Leo, but it’s not very consonant with Ismail, ”Oksana confessed.

The Russian woman was not shy and from the first months published a photo of her newborn son, like two drops of water similar to her father. But it had little effect on Faris. He stated that the boy did not look like him and could be the son of any Asian man, so he officially refused to recognize the heir.

The courtiers claimed that several times they offered Vojvodina to do a DNA test, but she refused. Oksana, in turn, in all interviews claimed that she was ready for all procedures, so long as her honor was not denigrated.

Despite the fact that the couple stopped communicating at the very beginning of 2019, once Oksana received news from her husband through mutual friends. This happened when Leon was already born. “Tell him that he is the best thing in the world. From Faris,” the message said.

The marriage of Oksana Vojvodina and the then Malaysian king Muhammad V Faris Peter turned out to be fragile.

The marriage of Oksana Vojvodina and the then Malaysian king Muhammad V Faris Peter turned out to be fragile.


“She takes me for Bill Gates”

In July 2019, a couple of months after the birth of her son, the model got a divorce. The six months before that had been the hardest for her. Depression, boorish attacks in social networks, threats from the courtiers and former mistresses of Faris.

– A year ago, I thought that I would not survive with a child inside … Six months ago, I was very hurt and bad, but I started working and

to do business, and after a couple of months I got so carried away that I finally appreciated the taste of freedom, Oksana once admitted.

After giving birth, she quickly got into shape, began to actively maintain a personal blog and organized several business projects in Moscow. Her husband had abdicated by this time, but at the same time remained the Sultan of the Malaysian state of Kelantan, located near the border with Thailand.

British tabloids wrote that Faris offered to create a trust fund for Leon in the amount of $ 250 million as compensation, and also promised to pay his ex-wife $ 100 thousand within nine months. In return, the former king put forward several conditions: firstly, the boy must be brought up in the traditions of Islam, secondly, their meeting will never take place, and thirdly, Oksana must close her social networks and stop posting photos of Leon. But Vojvodina refused.

At the same time, reporters reported that the model demanded that Faris buy an apartment in Moscow for 1.2 million pounds for her and her son, a house in London for 8 million pounds, and also pay monthly alimony in the amount of 24 thousand pounds.

Who does she take me for? For Bill Gates?! Is he going to go to Eton next year, why is she asking so much for a baby? – allegedly exclaimed Muhammad V when he learned about the requirements of the ex-wife.

“My heart is filled with resentment…”

Now Oksana admits that she is raising her son alone, without any support from her ex-husband, even financially. But there are men in Leon’s life – grandfather, uncle, sports coaches, who, according to Vojvodina, help instill in her son “the basics of male behavior.”

– My heart is still filled with resentment that Leon’s father betrayed not even me, but his son! Usually Muslims take care of children, sons, but not in my situation. And it’s not a matter of religion, but of a person. Of course, it is very sad to watch such men, because they are miserable inside, – the Russian woman admitted.

At the end of 2021, she moved with her son to London. Oksana says that she did so in the interests of her son and his future. Among her new friends and colleagues, few know about her marriage to the king of Malaysia. But the older Leon gets, the more often he asks “uncomfortable” questions about his dad.

– Leon and other children were preparing a gift for dad in the kindergarten for Father’s Day. But since I am both mom and dad in one person, I also received a gift from Leon. After handing me a gift, Leo asked: “Where is my dad?” For a moment, I felt sick. I was waiting for this question, – said Voevodina.

She said that dad lived far away and showed me where Malaysia was on the map. But the boy asked why his father never called.

– I had to say that the phone does not catch it there, because there is no 5G yet, – Oksana added. – I think that questions about dad will not end there. After all, it is very important for a boy to communicate with his father! ..

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