Prince Harry reveals the secret of his birth

Prince Harry's Scandalous Book "Spare" from January 10 on sale in Britain.

Prince Harry’s scandalous book “Spare” has been on sale in Britain since January 10.

A photo: EAST NEWS

Prince Harry, in his autobiographical book Spare, which hits store shelves today, toldwho is actually his real father.

Alas, the sensation did not happen. According to the prince who escaped from London, his father is the current King of Great Britain Charles III, and all the rumors that Harry is the son of Princess Diana’s lover Major James Hewitt are just gossip.

“Tabloid readers liked the idea that Prince Charles’ youngest son was not really his son at all. For some reason, this “joke” never bothered them,” the Duke of Sussex wrote in his autobiography.

However, it is not difficult to understand where the rumors came from – just look at the fiery hair of the prince and photographs of the red-haired handsome major who taught Diana the art of riding.

According to Harry, his father, then still Prince Charles, knew about the gossip, and he himself sometimes made fun of his “non-native” son.

According to Prince Harry, James Hewitt could not be his father in any way, since their acquaintance with Princess Diana took place after the birth of the one who now decided to glorify the royal house to the whole wide world.

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