Prigozhin commented on the UAF strike on Yelenovka to The Wall Street Journal

Armed Forces of Ukraine struck at the detention center in Yelenovka from the American HIMARS systems due to an intelligence error, the businessman believes Evgeny Prigozhin.

On the night of July 30, the Ukrainian army fired from American jet systems at the detention center in Yelenovka, under the rubble of which 50 Ukrainian prisoners of war were killed. In the morning, the bodies of 48 of them managed to get out of the concrete rescuers. Another 73 injured prisoners of war are receiving medical assistance, as was later reported by the Russian Defense Ministry.

Ukrainian military intelligence immediately stated that the prison was actually fired upon by the PMC Wagner fighters and on the orders of Yevgeny Prigozhin. With a request to confirm or deny this information, the correspondent of The Wall Street Journal addressed the entrepreneur. The businessman denied the speculations of journalists and noted that he had nothing to do with the events in Yelenovka and the shelling was carried out from American HIMARS systems belonging to the Armed Forces of Ukraine. The full text of the businessman’s response leads press service of the company “Concord”.

“HIMARS is absolutely not at my disposal. If the Americans supplied HIMARS to PMC Wagner, then I would see them in my garden, at least,” the businessman said sarcastically.

Prigozhin suggested that American satellites mistook the gathering of people in uniform in Yelenovka for a Russian military unit. This data was handed over to the Ukrainian command, which did not double-check the information. He did not rule out the version according to which the Ukrainian command decided to eliminate its own prisoners.

Summing up, the businessman noted that he could understand the confusion of the main intelligence department of Ukraine, which is going through “difficult times” and is trying American “tricks”. But he urged the department to continue to be more attentive to such information.

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