President: Our goal is the continuity of grain supplies

An important goal for Ukraine is to ensure the continuity and regularity of grain supplies for export.

About this in video message Vladimir Zelensky said, Ukrinform reports.

He noted that today the first vessel with Ukrainian grain arrived in Turkey, passing through a special corridor in the Black Sea, which was agreed to unblock our ports.

“Our goal now is to have regularity, so that when one ship leaves the port, there should already be other ships, both those that are loading and those that are on their way to the port. Continuity, regularity is a necessary principle that all consumers need our agricultural products,” the head of state said.

He stressed that the resumption of agricultural exports is also important from the point of view of Ukraine’s food security.

“Export is needed so that our farmers and agricultural companies have sufficient resources for sowing next year, this is a matter of food security for our country. Now the next year is also provided,” he stressed. Zelensky.

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The President noted that Russia uses food supplies as a weapon to provoke a food crisis, just as it uses gas and oil to cause social problems and then demand political concessions.

“This should not work with food. Of course, we understand who we are dealing with, and in Russia they understand that they are losing one of the opportunities to terrorize the world. But when the world is united, when partners fulfill their obligations, it is possible to achieve the desired result. Let’s see how it will be work on the grain initiative in the coming days,” the President added.

As reported by Ukrinformthe vessel Razoni, which left the port of Odessa with Ukrainian grain on the morning of August 1, reached the shores of Turkey this evening.

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