“Prepare for war”: Beijing is ready to decisively respond to Washington’s provocation and prepares troops

A short note appeared on the official Weibo account of the 80th Army of the People's Liberation Army of China:

A short note appeared on the official Weibo account of the 80th Army of the People’s Liberation Army of China: “Prepare for war!”

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On Friday, the Speaker of the US House of Representatives Nancy Pelosi went on visits to a number of Asian countries, but will she visit Taiwanwhere I had been planning to look for a long time, the decision has not yet been made, NBC reported. Beijing, who firmly defends the concept of “one China”, has already unequivocally stated that he will do everything to prevent the visit of the third politician in the US power hierarchy to the island, which he considers his integral part. Hollywood classic: two cowboys (even if one of them is an 82-year-old old woman) put their hand on a gun and drill each other’s eyes – when you can draw it first.

In the official account 80th Army of the People’s Liberation Army of China Weibo a short note appeared: “Prepare for war!” The Taiwanese army has announced an urgent naval exercise. Someone, very possibly, still snatches out a gun. But what will his shot mean?

There has not been an American politician of such rank in Taiwan for a quarter of a century. True, in April, Pelosi, having visited Japan, was already about to land in Taipei, but at the last moment the visit was canceled – allegedly due to the fact that the speaker fell ill with covid. The political reason for that “diplomatic illness” was obvious to everyone. What has changed in just three months, that the Americans again decided to provoke the Chinese to the toughest actions?

Yesterday Chairman Xi and president Biden held telephone conversations that lasted over two hours. It is clear that they were talking not so much about the situation in Ukraine, as was officially reported, but about the most topical issue for them – about the situation around Taiwan. Recall that the leader of China has the most important party congress in the fall, at which he must retain his powers for a third term. The American diplomatic rudeness with the visit of the old speaker to Taiwan is an obvious salvo on Xi’s authority. And China, which traditionally tries to the last to avoid open conflict, finds itself in a situation of a very difficult choice. On the one hand, China’s economic relations with the United States are so extensive and significant that none of the great powers is ready to dismiss them. But on the other hand, the political contradictions between them have reached such a critical point that everyone’s hand involuntarily reaches for a pistol.

China's army posted a warning on social media

China’s army posted a warning on social media

Three months after the first announced but then postponed provocation around Taiwan, the Americans realized that China could not be forced to join the anti-Russian “international”. Moreover, Beijing has clearly articulated its position on the conflict in Ukraine, accusing Washington, not Moscow, of unleashing the conflict in Europe. It is in the tradition of American diplomacy to press hard on those who do not agree with the White House line. What is China’s biggest pain point? Taiwan, so we are working on it …

The question is, will the overseas guys miscalculate this time as well? Do they need another conflict that they hope to direct from a safe place like in Ukraine? Will they be able to control the chaos if its scale covers not only the west, but also the east? An attempt to answer these questions involuntarily leads to the conclusion that the United States is ready to go for broke, seeing how the world is getting out of their unconditional submission. What is at stake for Biden is not another fall on the plane’s ramp, but the opportunity to repeat the power formula of Julius Caesar, reworked by Hillary Clinton after the assassination of Gaddafi: “We came, we saw, he died!”

If the Americans nevertheless decide to provoke China into military action over Taiwan, then Ukraine will most likely leave the front pages of the Western media. But something tells me that Nancy Pelosi can lose her health on this trip too…

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