Pregnancy after covid: how coronavirus affects pregnancy and the health of the unborn child

The worse the mother feels, the worse the baby

The worse the mother feels, the worse the baby

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A woman’s body experiences tremendous stress even with a good pregnancy, without any complications. But if an infection interferes with the process, then the expectant mother also receives stress from fear not only for herself, but also for the health of the baby. Especially now, in the next wave of covid, when every day falls ill more than 50 thousand Russians …

But doctors remind: the reaction to the infection is individual and depends both on the basic state of health of the mother and the duration of pregnancy, and on the intensity of the disease itself. Although, according to the observations of doctors, which were made during the two years of the pandemic, a severe covid at the very beginning of pregnancy can lead to the loss of a child, and in the later stages, an infection can cause the development of oxygen starvation in a child. At the same time, pregnant women who have had coronavirus quite easily, as a rule, give birth to children without health features.


As medical practice shows, it is not the trimester that is important, but the severity of the course of the disease. The worse the mother feels, the worse the baby feels. However, there are observations by trimesters:

1st trimester: The difficult course of coronavirus in the first trimester can result in abnormal development of the child’s organs.

2nd trimester: diabetes mellitus in pregnant women and endocrinological problems in children are often detected.

3rd trimester: the infection can provoke premature birth.

According to the observations of an obstetrician-gynecologist, Ph.D. Dives Pikauskaitecovid in 2022 is easier to tolerate – if at the start of the pandemic, doctors observed pathologies in the development of the fetus in those infected with coronavirus, today most expectant mothers tolerate the infection calmly and with almost no complications.


It is known that women who have had severe covid may experience disruptions in the menstrual cycle and worsening egg qualityand venous thrombotic complications. The journal Reproductive BioMedicine Online provides statistics of observations confirming violation menstrual cycle after SARS-CoV-2.

Reproductologist Anna Ermolaeva explains that this may be the result of a temporary effect on the hormonal status, which quickly returns to normal after recovery (usually in the first two to three months after illness).

According to research, for men, the virus can leave a decrease in sperm motility and quantity, as well as start the process of breaking sperm DNA chains. This interferes with both natural conception and IVF fertilization and can lead to early termination of pregnancy.


Urologist-andrologist, candidate of medical sciences, associate professor Sergey Bogolyubov adds: the severe course of covid leads to a decrease in testosterone levels in the male body, which can extinguish sexual desire and worsen the quality of erection, as well as cause apathy and fatigue. The infection leads to a deterioration in spermogram parameters, which is why doctors often recommend postponing conception for up to six months. Especially if a man is at risk and had a hard time covid while in the hospital. On average, reproductive opportunities are restored a few months after the disease.


To prepare for conception, it is necessary to be examined: the future mother – by a gynecologist, the father – by an andrologist. And if the results are encouraging, then in a month you can implement your plan. If problems are identified, a course of rehabilitation therapy will be recommended, which will include medications and necessary vitamins, as well as recommendations on nutrition and exercise.


Why pregnant women need vaccination

It is important, and not just desirable, to be vaccinated against both influenza and covid, especially if there are concomitant chronic diseases: kidney, lung or cardiovascular system, diabetes mellitus or overweight. The Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation recommends vaccination with the Sputnik V vaccine, which is best given after 22 weeks of pregnancy. The antibodies produced by the mother’s body will also protect the newborn.

The impact of vaccination on women’s and men’s health is being analyzed today in all countries affected by covid. In 2021 Human Reproduction and Journal of Reproductive Immunology published data, which showed no negative effect of vaccinations on the ability to conceive. Vaccination is another step that parents-to-be take on their journey to parenthood.

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