Prague is setting up a tent camp, moving Ukrainian refugees from the main railway station there Home

The mayor of Prague Zdeněk Hřib on Tuesday, he warned the government that the situation of refugees in the capital was no longer sustainable and that capacity was insufficient. Representatives of the Roma minority, which make up a large proportion of visitors, also consider the situation in Prague to be unbearable. Austrian he wants to solve the whole thing by building a tent town and plans to negotiate with the Hungarian side about people with Hungarian citizenship.

“I appealed in a letter to (Petra Fialu) that people fleeing the war must be taken care of throughout the Czech Republic. The capacity of Prague is no longer enough! ”He wrote at Twitter Mayor of the Capital City of Prague Zdeněk Hřib.

According to Vít The Austrian, the government is working hard to resolve the situation, which is deteriorating especially at the main railway station, where a large number of refugees arrive, directly in cooperation with Mayor Hřib. “Today, tents will be set up for 150 people with all the sanitary facilities so that people do not have to spend the night in the corridors,” he said.

“The facility will be operated by the Administration of Refugee Facilities in cooperation with the Capital City of Prague, the Roma non-profit sector and other organizations,” the Austrian Minister of the Interior told

The mushroom began to put pressure on the government to spread the influx of refugees evenly in the regions. He threatened to close the refugee assistance center in Vysočany. These are provided free of charge by the development company Central Group in Prague.

“We have no information yet that the center should be closed. The agreement is that when the center is no longer needed, we are still ready to provide assistance with a refugee training center, for example, “he said. company spokesperson Ondrej Stastny.

Hřib has already announced the position of tents for refugees. He wrote that he was sorry. “It simply came to our notice then. Unfortunately, the capacity of Prague has run out. We have nowhere to take it further, “said the mayor.

“Accommodation (refugees) in a ‘stone’ building is also under negotiation,” said the Austrian interior minister. “I would like to point out that this is not permanent accommodation, but only a solution to the situation so that people do not have to lie in the corridors at the station,” he added.

The situation is complicated, for example, in Brno:

Due to the fact that people with Hungarian citizenship also appear among the newcomers from Ukraine, the Austrian plans to negotiate with the Hungarian side on Thursday. The Minister will strive to speed up the process of lustration of refugees in the Hungarian system, as people with Hungarian citizenship would not be entitled to temporary protection in the Czech Republic.

The problem in aid coordination occurred largely on the part of the regions that they often refuse state offers to provide objects. According to the Austrian, the approach of the regions is different, some cooperate better, others worse.

Roma representatives in non-profit organizations and in the Government Council for Roma Minority Affairs have warned that discrimination is taking place in dealings with refugees.

“However, we are constantly encountering anti-Roma attitudes of regional governors and mayors of towns and municipalities who simply do not want Roma refugees from Ukraine on their territory,” they wrote in an open letter to Prime Minister Fial. According to them, such conduct has the characteristics of “institutional racism”.

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