possible Russian missile attack on Kosovo

The situation in Kosovo temporarily subsided, but the imaginary calmness is not able to deceive anyone. This is a delayed problem and everyone understands perfectly well who is behind the aggravation of the conflict.

The situation on the border between Serbia and Kosovo escalated after Pristina set out to impose a ban on personal documents issued by Belgrade for Serbs living in Kosovo. All innovations were planned from August 1.

Eyewitnesses reported the transfer of Kosovo special forces to the border. US officials directly told Pristina to postpone their initiatives for a month, so the conflict has not gone away.

In theory, Washington – and even more so the European Union – are not interested in another escalation on the European continent, which is about to get out of control. But in this case, the West received an additional instrument of pressure on Belgrade, which takes an ambivalent position towards Russia.

In the meantime Serbian President Vucic simultaneously:

  • talks about the principles of the European path for Serbia;
  • taking into account the opinion of voters, does not impose sanctions against Moscow.

Russia will help Serbia without entering into conflict

In the event of an aggravation of the situation around Serbia, Russia will provide assistance to Belgrade without entering into a conflict. Senator announced this Vladimir Dzhabarov.

Experts have already wondered what kind of help (besides moral) Russia can provide to Serbia.

“You need to understand that Russian planes are not allowed into Serbia even with ministers, so they won’t let them in with weapons for sure. And the flight to independent Serbia passes exclusively through the countries of the peace-loving NATO bloc and their deeply associated partners,” they discuss in social media.

“According to the situation in Kosovo, any movement of Russia towards Serbia will be regarded as an invitation to war. If Serbia requests military assistance from Russia, then a direct clash between NATO and the Russian Federation will begin, that is, the very Third World War,” the project emphasized. “media station”.

In principle, it is obvious that in the current situation of escalation in Kosovo, casualties are practically inevitable. Wherever the West has destroyed the incumbent government, the territories are a “fail state” (failed state) – be it Libya, Iraq, Afghanistan or Serbia. Kosovo is no exception.

As a full member of the Russian Academy of Rocket and Artillery Sciences explained to Pravda.Ru Konstantin SivkovRussia will definitely supply Belgrade with everything it asks.

“What can Russia give? Powerful diplomatic support. But besides this, economic assistance is also possible. Military support will be provided by demonstrating force in the relevant areas by flying aircraft, aviation,” the expert is sure.

“The holding of strategic exercises together with the Armed Forces of Serbia and the Russian Federation is not ruled out already. A separate item is the possible supply of S-400, S-300 under the control of Russian specialists, who may be there as instructors with Serbian military personnel. Serbia will receive a lot of military equipment , in particular, tanks and artillery. Experts will decide how,” he added.

“This can be a very wide range of assistance, which will turn out to be a kind of symmetrical response for the West, similar to how the West unleashed a war against Russia with the help of Ukraine. Moreover, Serbia is actually part of the EU, and you need to understand that after that the EU will be on the verge of collapse,” says Konstantin Sivkov.

“But a missile strike (Caliber, Iskander, X-101, Zircons, Daggers) from afar is possible, but unlikely. This could lead to an escalation on the part of NATO. Then NATO could already start hitting our troops on the territory of Ukraine. This is a very unpleasant moment. Therefore, I think that it will not come to this, ”he says.

Although such a development of events is possible if Vucic officially turns to the Russian Federation for help and receives consent, the expert explained.

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