“Positioned, decided, ready”: Santiago Creel signed up to lead the presidency in 2024 with Va por México

Deputy Santiago Creel said he was willing to lead the coalition (Twitter/SantiagoCreelM)
Deputy Santiago Creel said he was willing to lead the coalition (Twitter/SantiagoCreelM)

After several months in which the opposition coalition Goes through Mexico suffered a temporary separation due to conflicts with one of its leadersthe member parties announced his return and his strategy to go for him Mexico statethe Headquarters of Government of Mexico City and the presidency of the country.

Well, at a press conference, the leaders of the National Action parties (BREAD), of the Institutional Revolutionary (PRI) and the Democratic Revolution (PRD), officially announced the return of the alliance to participate in this year’s state elections and in the 2024 election.

There they announced that the parties will share out the candidacies: the tricolor will choose the candidates for the Government of Coahuila and the State of Mexicowhile the PAN is a candidate for the presidential and head of government elections.

And although it has not been determined who of the PAN members who have emerged as candidates for the presidency will be elected, Santiago Creelpresident of the Board of Directors of the Chamber of Deputies, announced that he is more than willing to preside over the candidacy.

Well, in an interview with the journalist Joaquin Lopez-Dorigathe albiazul federal deputy reiterated his aspirations to lead his party’s candidacy for the presidency.

“Positioned, decided, ready, Joaquín, at the moment in which the registration rules are established, I hope to be the first to register. I am very excited, also very excited to go as a candidate of the Va por México alliance and very excited to be the first president to install a coalition government “

He pointed out that this was something unprecedented in the country’s political history: in which not only a coalition government was installed, but also that it encompasses the legislative level.

Since he clarified that the agreement also supersedes decisions made on legislative issuesnot exclusively electoral, although he said that in the event of differences, it could be the case that the vote is not made en bloc, that is, separately.

He also assured that said agreements establish that the PAN will be the one who establishes the candidacy for the presidency, although he mentioned that a candidate from other parties or civil society may be invited to the process, but it will be the albiazul that establishes the process.

The Va por México Coalition has come back to life after several months of separating (@AlejandraDMV/Twitter)
The Va por México Coalition has come back to life after several months of separating (@AlejandraDMV/Twitter)

When asked if the coalition will last this time and if the word of alito Dark was legit, he said that at PRI agrees with the alliance to hold their last bastions

“I believe that the important thing about this alliance is that the interests were precisely reconciled and aligned, why? Because the alliance in the State of Mexico and in Coahuila is very convenient for the PRI (…) and for Mexico, an opposition alliance that can add up, that can congregate, that can add up the social forces and those of other parties is convenient”

The agreement has already been signed by the party leaders and ratified by the PAN and PRI councils, Creel Miranda declared during the interview.

On the other hand, the journalist reminded him when he aspired to the presidential candidacy in 2005 and asked if there were any lessons learned, to which he replied that the more than 17 years have served as experience to get to know the country and the possible solutions for the problems that afflict you.

“Yes, I have learned from many mistakes that one makes along the way, one stumbles, falls, but here I am. And I am very happy that this comes at this stage of life that I have health, experience, with the support of my family, “said the legislator.


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