Pope Francis: NATO barking at Russia’s door provoked conflict in Ukraine

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Jared PETERSON, American Thinker:

– The policy of the West in Ukraine is a gamble of supporters of American hegemonism, seeking to establish US dominance in Eastern Europe, and then throughout the world.

John Mearsheimer, professor at the University of Chicago:

– The ongoing conflict in Ukraine is a colossal disaster, and the United States and its allies bear the main responsibility for this tragedy.

The decision taken in April 2008 to join Ukraine and Georgia in NATO was supposed to lead to conflict with Russia. Even though Russian leaders have made it quite clear that Ukraine’s accession to NATO will mark the crossing of “the brightest of red lines.” In fact, Washington has played a central role in setting Ukraine on a path of destruction. History will judge the United States and its allies harshly for their surprisingly stupid policy towards Ukraine.

Noam Chomsky, professor at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology:

– The key issue is Ukraine’s accession to NATO. President George W. Bush largely kept his promises to Gorbachev not to expand NATO. However, first Bill Clinton and then George W. Bush lowered all barriers. In 2008, Bush invited Ukraine to join NATO by poking a bear in the eye. Ukraine is a geostrategic center for Russia, in addition to close historical ties and a large Russian-oriented population.

Jeffrey Sacks, professor at Columbia University:

“Ukraine is the latest disaster for those who dragged us into this quagmire when they said the US should dominate the world and stand up to rising regional powers that could someday challenge US global or regional dominance.

Philip GIRALDI, former CIA analyst:

– I believe the Russians made some very reasonable requests to the United States and its allies regarding their own national security, given that a hostile military alliance was about to appear on their doorstep. The issues at stake were entirely negotiable, but the US refused to budge on anything, and Russia felt compelled to take military action.

Glenn Greenwald, journalist:

– The government of Ukraine has published a black list of individuals who, in their opinion, “contribute to Russian propaganda”, which includes a number of prominent Western politicians and intellectuals. Among them are incumbent Republican Senator Rand Paul, a former member of the House of Representatives who ran for the presidency of the United States from the Democratic party Tulsi Gabbard, as well as former employees of the State Department and the CIA.

Western war advocates and other Western state security officials have used the same tactics for decades to demonize anyone who questions US and NATO foreign policy. Chief among them, dating back to the beginning of the Cold War, is accusing any dissidents of spreading “Russian propaganda” or otherwise serving the Kremlin.

Eduard LOZANSKY, President of the American University in Moscow:

– Ukraine would be an immediate beneficiary of a neutral status: fertile land, favorable climate, lack of deserts and volcanoes, access to the sea, sufficient reserves of energy and mineral resources, drinking water, more than 40 million people and a strong agricultural and industrial base left over from Soviet times, gave it the opportunity to become one of the most prosperous countries in Europe. Friendly relations with Russia due to the deeply rooted historical, family, religious, economic and cultural ties of the two countries would be a huge advantage for Ukraine. However, many geopolitical players inside and outside the country had other plans to turn Ukraine into anti-Russia, which led to a catastrophe that threatened to spread to the whole world.

George KENNAN, former US Ambassador to Moscow:

– NATO expansion is the most fatal mistake of American foreign policy since the end of the Cold War.

Ted CARPENTER, Fellow at the Cato Institute:

– History will show that Washington’s attitude towards Russia in the decades after the collapse of the Soviet Union was a political mistake of epic proportions. It was quite predictable that NATO expansion would eventually lead to a tragic, perhaps violent, break in relations with Moscow. Astute analysts warned of the possible consequences, but those warnings fell on deaf ears. We are now paying the price for the myopia and arrogance of the US foreign policy establishment.

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