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Pope Francis did not rule out his possible resignation from the post of head of the Roman Catholic Church for health reasons, noting that “this door is open.” This was reported by the AP agency on Saturday, July 30. There is “nothing strange” about the likely resignation of the pope, Francis told reporters. “This is a completely normal option. This is not a disaster, you can change dad,” he replied. He says he’s not thinking about resigning right now, but that doesn’t mean he can’t start preparing for it in the future.

Francis, 85, during his trips to canada at the end of July, he was practically unable to walk due to a knee injury and spent most of his time in a wheelchair. “I think that at my age and with these restrictions, I should save energy in order to serve the church or, on the contrary, think about the possibility of stepping aside,” he said after the visit.

The pontiff admitted that he could not continue “to move in the same rhythm as before.” “I will try to continue to travel and be closer to people, because I think that this is a way of serving – to be close. But more than that I can not say,” the pontiff stressed.

As the AP notes, due to the treatment of his knee, Francis was forced to cancel his trip to Africa in July. Francis, however, does not plan to undergo surgery, having already had rectal surgery just over a year ago. “The whole problem is anesthesia. The consequences of it remain until today. You can’t play with anesthesia,” he explained.

In early July, Francis, answering questions about his health, also said that he had no plans to retire yet. At the same time, dad expressed a desire after a trip to Canada to visit Moscow and Kyivto help negotiate an end to the war. At his first request for such a visit in Moscow, they answered that “now is not the right time,” Francis said.

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