Polo Polo spoke about the pension controversy and stated: “Get ready for the biggest robbery in history”

Miguel Polo Polo would be at risk of losing his Afro seat in the Chamber.  Photo: Colprensa.
Miguel Polo Polo would be at risk of losing his Afro seat in the Chamber. Photo: Colprensa.

Many are the reactions against that generated the statements of the president of Colpensiones, Jaime Dussanon the possibility of investing the resources of the Pension funds in infrastructure works, such as a train between Buenaventura and Barranquilla.

One of them was that of the former Minister of Finance Juan Carlos Echeverrywho asserted that the proposal will amount to throwing savings down the drain.

“What???? Invest my 40-year pension savings in a train between Buenaventura and Barranquilla, impossible to build and with negative profitability??? That is tantamount to throwing our savings down the drain. What gives the right to Mr. Dussan to waste everyone’s savings,” the former official trilled.

Now, the one who gave a harsh warning was the representative to the Chamber Miguel Polo Polo. He warned that with what Dussán said, the biggest robbery in history is coming and President Gustavo Petro will spend Colombian savings on unprofitable projects.

“Prepare for the biggest robbery in the history of Colombia, and head on. Petro will take the pension savings of Colombians and spend them on subsidies and infrastructure “projects” that will not yield any profit and will end up in black works. Corruption!” Said the controversial congressman.

Tweet by Miguel Polo Polo.
Tweet by Miguel Polo Polo.

However, the President Gustavo Petrothrough your account Twitterdistanced himself from the declarations of Jamie Dussan, over one possible use of pension funds in that peer entityto infrastructure such as a train in Buenaventura.

Petro pointed out in a Twitter thread that they would not do what private pension funds currently do, which is use pension savings to finance infrastructure works: “It is not true that the savings that the government makes from its transfers to Colpensiones today will be spent tomorrow, with the reform, on infrastructure. That is what private pension funds do today with billions of pesos. See it on Ruta del Sol II and on the Chirajara bridge”.

In a second trill, President Gustavo Petro pointed out that, by getting the money that went to private pension funds to go to Colpensiones -thanks to the reform being promoted- it would lower the number of money that the Government turns to this public pension fund.

“By achieving that part of the contributions made to private funds go, after the reform, to Colpensiones, guaranteeing the contributors’ pension, the part of the budget that the government turns to Colpensiones is reduced” , said President Petro.

And he also pointed out that “the budget savings achieved with the reform and that It does not come from contributors’ money but from the national budget, it will be spent on the pension bonus half the minimum wage for the three million older adults who are now outside the pension system”.

For his part, Senator gustavo bolivar He also came out to defend Petro’s proposal and explained what is really wanted.

“The pension reform consists of the following: today workers who have pensions that earn up to a minimum wage contribute. We want those who earn up to four minimum wages to contribute to Colpensiones. Look at the differences: with those contributions of a minimum wage we capture a trillion pesos. If we capture up to four minimum wages, we would be receiving up to 21 billion annually ”, he indicated in the first place.

Then, he recalled that for the 2023 national budget, 18 billion pesos from the treasury to pay pensions and explained that if they contribute up to four minimum wages the State will receive 21 trillion pesos, that is, it would not be necessary for 2025 to withdraw 18 trillion pesos again, but that money can be used for works, which, according to him, is what President Petro means.

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