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Nearly two-thirds of Germans consider protecting European values ​​such as freedom and democracy a priority, even if it means impact on prices and cost of living. This was supported by 65 percent of respondents in Germany during the Eurobarometer study, the results of which on Wednesday, June 22, were published by the European Parliament.

According to sociologists, 48% of respondents in Germany expressed their readiness to raise energy prices in order to resist Russian aggression in Ukraine. 46% responded similarly to the question about rising food prices. For all three questions, respondents in Germany were more willing than the EU average.

War in Ukraine bolsters public support for EU

If you take general survey data for the EUthen against the backdrop of hostilities in Ukraine, 65% of respondents approve of the fact that their countries are part of the European community – this is the highest figure since 2007, when it was 58%.

In Germany, the level of support for the EU among those surveyed was 77%. Compared to the same survey in 2021, EU public support has increased significantly in all countries, most notably in (+20 percentage points), Malta (+12 percentage points) and Estonia (+9 percentage points).

German finance minister expects cost of living to rise

The day before, June 21, German Finance Minister Christian Lindner (Christian Lindner) said that in the country “there is a risk of a very serious economic crisis due to a sharp rise in energy prices, due to supply problems, due to inflation. “In a few weeks and months, we may have a very alarming situation,” the politician warned on the air of the ZDF television channel. In his opinion, Germany can expect three to five years of limited means of living.”And we have to find the answer to this question,” – said Lindner.

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