Political strategist: State Department ban on the export of diplomats aggravates relations between Russia and the United States

The Russian Foreign Ministry has called “hostile” and “provocative” Washington’s decision not to allow a “humanitarian” flight to pick up Russian diplomatswho were ordered to leave the US.

In a statement posted on the Foreign Ministry’s website, Moscow warned that the US government’s decision was another blow to US-Russian bilateral relations “which are already in a deplorable state.”

Let me remind you that on Wednesday Washington refused to issue a departure permit for a special flight that was supposed to take Russian diplomats and their families home. This step is the official representative of the Russian Foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova called “hostile”

“The Biden administration chose to completely ignore the fact that we are, in fact, talking about a humanitarian action,” the diplomat said, adding that “the plane was supposed to fly in and pick up those of our diplomats who were ordered by the State Department to leave the United States by the end of the month.”

Zakharova stressed that the “provocative behavior” of the US government will not go unanswered. She added that Moscow had warned Washington in advance that if it did not allow the flight to arrive, Russia would respond, including in an asymmetric manner.

Why did the State Department go to aggravate relations with the Kremlin?

Why is the State Department stubborn and does not want to release diplomats? Why would he? And how are we going to rescue our diplomats from impromptu captivity and how can we respond to the “hostile step”?

Pravda.Ru asked these questions to a political strategist Sergei Markelov.

According to him, the ban on the export of our diplomats from the United States on a special plane is another example of the growing complexity of diplomatic, and not only, relations between Russia and the United States.

“What happened in the end? Denied due to the fact that there is a major US decision to ban flights of Russian airlines.

What is the consequence of this decision? All Russian diplomats must fly with the logistical resources that are allowed today: on board foreign airlines through European countries or through the Middle East. And it does not matter if it will be regular flights or special ones.

It is clear that this is a game of muscles in front of us. But the fact remains. Release diplomats – they will be released. Most likely, diplomats and their families will leave the United States on different flights – some through Europe, some through Turkey, some through the Emirates. There are plenty of options.”

As for Russia’s response to “another hostile step,” as Maria Zakharova assessed it, then, according to the political strategist, some variants of our logistical or near-logistical answers in relation to American diplomats or in relation to all diplomats will probably be chosen. unfriendly countries.

There have already been precedents

Since the beginning of the Russian special operation in Ukraine, a number of Western countries have expelled, in total, several hundred Russian diplomats. The Kremlin responded in kind, showing the representatives of these countries to the door.

As for the United States, due to the deterioration of relations between Washington and Moscow, the two countries mutually expelled the staff of each other’s diplomatic missions several years before the start of the Ukrainian conflict. Moreover, the American authorities have repeatedly accused Russian diplomats of espionage, which Moscow has consistently denied.

The latest episode, which became the reason for the diplomatic scandal, is connected with the decision made by the State Department in August 2021: Russian diplomats who had been in the country for more than three years had to leave. Washington insisted that this was not an expulsion, but rather a tightening of rules aimed at having Russia change its diplomats at the same frequency as the US embassy in Moscow.

  • The first 24 Russian representatives left America in early September 2021.
  • Another 27 Russian diplomats and their family members flew home on January 30, 2022.
  • Another 28 embassy employees are expected to leave the United States on June 30.

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