Political scientist Rozhin: US can unleash wars in Taiwan, Kosovo and Iraq

Political scientist Boris Rozhin stated that the administration of the President of the United States Joe Biden could initiate a “little war” to compensate for the crushing drop in the American leader’s approval rating.

According to the expert, the United States is currently preparing the ground for creating new hotbeds of conflict on the planet.

“I need somewhere small victorious warfor this, crises are provoked,” Rozhin said in an interview with

He believes that in the near future Washington may initiate conflicts in Taiwan, Kosovo and Iraq.

Earlier, Rozhin said that while Russia is busy with a special operation in Ukraine, Washington could unleash another conflict. The White House has long prepared a whole “bunch” of crisis situations around the planet, because it needs a small but victorious war so that the ruling party does not lose the midterm elections, an expert from the Center for Military-Political Journalism noted.

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