Political scientist on three cases of attacks with weapons in the Russian Federation: “People lose their nerves”

Political scientist Ilya Grashchenkov in an interview with Pravda.Ru, he spoke about the shooting at a school, club and military enlistment office in Russia. All three cases of attacks with firearms occurred on the same day – September 26th.

General Director of the Center for the Development of Regional Policy (CRRP) Grashchenkov said that it was a miracle that he did not become a victim of a shooter in the 16 tons club, as he dined at this institution five minutes before the incident.

“People are losing their nerves. Firstly, everyone lives for a whole year … First, the coronavirus shook people’s psyche. Then for a year everyone lives in a situation of uncertainty. And now it has begun … Firstly, it coincided – autumn. Psychological ones traditionally become aggravated. Secondly , of course, absolutely crazy informational intensity. This is all that is happening – both mobilization and a ban on leaving, “the political scientist expressed his point of view.

The head of the CRRP noted that people have panic attacks that can spill out in the form of aggression.

“I don’t know why the shooting started. It could well have flared up. That is, irritation that outgrows … A person has a weapon. He grabs it and … And it happened at school, and so on, I think that this, of course, is a combination. Very it often happens that the general emotional background is superimposed on chronic exacerbations,” Grashchenkov explained.

Earlier it was reported that the victims of the shooting at the Izhevsk school delivered to Moscow special board of the Ministry of Emergency Situations.

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