Political scientist on the threat of recognition of the Russian Federation as a country sponsoring terrorism: “Don’t wake up famously”

Professor of the Department of Political Sciences UrFU Anatoly Gagarin in an interview with Pravda.Ru, he explained what the consequences would be if Russia was recognized as a sponsor of terrorism.

Rada appeals to US senators to recognize Russia sponsor of terrorism. Washington adopted this resolution.

Anatoly Gagarin called this action a PR action, since, in his opinion, the United States can also be successfully declared a sponsor of terrorism.

“According to the UN Charter, there must be an appropriate number of votes for the UN to make such a decision, so I think that this initiative is unlikely to be supported by other members of the UN. I can even assume that these countries that support such a proposal will be in the minority,” explained political scientist.

Gagarin suggests that there will be other states that will call for recognizing the United States as a source of terrorism. With great willingness, according to the expert, the countries affected by US aggression will do this.

“Thus, they will open a Pandora’s box, the contents of which themselves and which themselves, so to speak, will absorb. The contents of this box can cause a completely unpredictable reaction for the United States. Therefore, as our people say, do not wake up famously while it is quiet “, – the professor of the Department of Political Sciences of UrFU expressed his opinion.

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