Political scientist on the completion of mobilization in the Russian Federation: “You never know what situation will arise”

Political scientist Sergey Markelov in an interview with Pravda.Ru commented on the statement of the Russian Ministry of Defense on the termination of all measures for partial mobilization

Political adviser, political strategist, political scientist, head of the Markkom communications company Sergei Markelov explained whether it is worth counting on a statement from representatives of the Russian Defense Ministry in the absence of a presidential decree on the completion of partial mobilization.

Markelov noted that today propaganda, objective reality, informational reality are mixed up.

“From the point of view of regulatory logic, from the point of view of legal time, since there was an announcement of partial mobilization by decree, then, accordingly, the next stage in the termination of partial mobilization should be either an appropriate decree, or some thing similar to a decree, I don’t know, some kind of decision, message, that is, some kind of officialdom. This did not happen, “the political scientist said.

He urged to pay attention to the fact that information about the cessation of mobilization has been confirmed at different levels.

“The Ministry of Defense has reported, since the governor’s corps has reported, since the Duma has confirmed it, the Federation Council – signals from the leadership of different levels have passed to the federal government, then I think that this can be taken as the basis for the fact that partial mobilization as a social instrument has really ended,” noted the expert.

Markelov stressed that the decree could be untimely.

“It will be possible to pack some next steps into the decree. Perhaps this is the idea of ​​​​lawyers who serve the head of our state, so as not to make the next decree, but you never know what situation will arise, respectively, why do the following, if, in principle, really all decisions of the Ministry of Defense are given,” the political consultant expressed his point of view.

He noted that a different military and political expediency may arise in Russia.

“This is a kind of alternate airfield in the good sense of the word. Not in a bad way, but in a good way, so as not to produce decrees, and call that first mobilization decree a kind of strategic document,” Markelov explained.

The political scientist explained that many documents are valid until the end of the special military operation.

“Many of the documents that both the Duma and the Federation Council have adopted today have such a state of indefiniteness. We admit with you the idea that the presidential decree on mobilization as a tool for ensuring a special operation can also be indefinite for the time being,” Markelov explained.

Formerly lawyer Vladimir Trignin explained whether a separate order is required President of the Russian Federation to complete partial mobilization in Russia.

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