Political scientist on Poland’s calls for reparations: “Demand the return of Bialystok”

Political scientist, expert on CIS countries Andrey Suzdaltsev in an interview with Pravda.Ru commented on the statement of the President of Belarus Alexandra Lukashenko about Poland’s demand for reparations.

The head of Belarus called Poland’s policy “brainless”.

Suzdaltsev considers it wrong to react so emotionally to the words of the representatives of Poland. He assessed Lukashenka’s response as unprofessional.

“Poland’s claims are also groundless, on the other hand. I remind you that Poland at one time, for almost 20 years, controlled Western Belarus and Western Ukraine. The Ribbentrop-Molotov Pact. This is not their indigenous land. The indigenous land was part of the Commonwealth, there was a huge state, it was an empire that the Poles lost. Hence all these problems. But the Poles are now making claims against everyone: Germany, Russia, Belarus. These are internal political problems, “the expert explained.

The political scientist believes that Lukashenka should have reminded the Polish authorities that the Polish-West Belarusian borders were agreed within the framework of the Potsdam agreement. Suzdaltsev believes that a return to this topic will only lead to “inciting passions.”

An expert on the CIS countries said that Belarusians have a sore spot – Bialystok.

“They can demand from Poland the return of Bialystok, where for some reason 2 million Belarusians disappeared and 2 million Poles, Catholics turned out. So there is a very rich topic there. In fact, we need to take it seriously. , – Suzdaltsev expressed his opinion.

Earlier, Alexander Lukashenko predicted Poland “grand nix“before the election.

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