Political scientist Danilov on the dangers of anti-Russian fakes for Ukraine: “People are impudently used”

In the Russian Internet space continue fakes multiplyconcerning the actions of the military of the Russian Federation during the special operation in Ukraine. However, the Russians are making their contribution to the fight against provocative posts. To this end, entire groups were created in Russia, the main task of which was to expose fakes, the political scientist said. Pavel Danilov.

The expert believes that fakes about the Russian military are harmful civilians of Ukraine.

“It definitely harms Ukraine. People are brazenly used by manipulating information and outright lies. Because of this, Ukrainians, who do not have a real picture of what is happening, make wrong decisions, often life-threatening,” Danilov says in an interview with FAN.

The expert acknowledged that often the publication of fakes is carried out in order to organize provocations. As an example, he cited the tragedy that occurred in Kramatorsk on April 8, when militants deceived civilians in one place and hit him with “Point U”.

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