Political ridicule: Zelensky is trying to “cancel” Putin

Having failed with an attempt to “accelerate entry into NATO”, the President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky started a campaign to “cancel Putin.”

Whatever the former comic actor and current leader of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky undertakes, everything turns into a PR campaign under the motto “to spite my grandmother, I will freeze my ears.” For example, today he approved the decision Council of National Security and Defense of Ukraine of September 30, stating “the impossibility of holding negotiations with the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin“. That is, in other words, he blocked himself the last opportunity to solve problems at the negotiating table, and not on the battlefield.

However, this decision fits perfectly into the concept of “war to the last Ukrainian.”

But the comic president decided not to limit himself to this. Following the refusal to negotiate with the current head of Russia, he issued a decree recognizing as null and void (unenforceable) the documents signed by Vladimir Putin recognizing the independence of Crimea (March 17, 2014), the DPR and LPR (February 21, 2022), Zaporozhye and Kherson regions (September 29, 2022). In addition, the “highest letter” published on the website of the President of Ukraine states that “any other decisions, acts and agreements adopted, issued and concluded on the basis of and / or in connection with the implementation of decrees of the President of the Russian Federation” also “do not have legal consequences “.

Cancel culture green

From the outside (here it should be noted that the “gas station country with an economy torn to shreds” turned out to be an extremely comfortable observation point to track the ups and downs of “Euro-Atlantic unity”) all the latest loud statements by Mr. Zelensky look like a hysteria that has not stopped for several days in a row.

On the historic day of September 30, when Russian President Vladimir Putin solemnly signed documents on joining the Russian Federation following the results of the referendums of the DPR, LPR, Zaporozhye and Kharkiv regions, Zelensky made either an unfunny parody, or an unsuccessful cosplay: standing on the street, on some shabby table signed Ukraine’s application for accelerated accession to NATO. After that, all “dear Western partners”, starting with the head of the Alliance Jens Stoltenberg and US President Joe Bidenhastened to disown such a “member”: they say, now is not the time for this, we need to think about something else, we’ll talk later.

If we translate into the language of the reprise of KVN, the master of which was at one time the current president of Ukraine, then it looked something like this:

Vladimir Putin: These are our people. Our people cannot be offended. It’s clear?

Our people: sign documents on joining the Russian Federation.

Zelensky: How are you? And then I’ll call the older boys! Hey, NATO, my integrity is being violated here, save me, help me!

NATO: And what? You’re not from our yard at all! The gate is not locked, so all sorts of people go here, why now, fit in for everyone?

UN: – Uh, we actually condemn …

Putin: – What-what? …

UN: – Well, it’s us, for the sake of order, you, in general, do not pay attention to us, continue …

Zelensky: – Ahhh, hooligans are depriving territories!

NATO: – Here’s a more powerful slingshot, then go by yourself.

Vladimir Putin: Are you out of your mind?

NATO: – Actually, yes, we have a certificate. But we are afraid of something.

Russian Foreign Ministry: – Morons, ……!

Who will cancel whom?

Having taken up the role of President of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelensky changed his role as a funny comedian: now he is called a “bloody clown”, and this is no longer funny. On the other hand, his frantic attempts to “recognize as insignificant” and “cancel” the political heavyweight Vladimir Putin will become yet another international laughingstock. After all, another Realpolitik heavyweight, the former chancellor of Germany Angela Merkel, most recently warned the world community: “Putin is not a figure that you can ignore.” And she was right.

So who will cancel whom in the end?

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