Political figures react to congressional reconsideration of the Freddy Díaz case

Freddy Díaz considers that the disqualification is an abuse.
Freddy Díaz considers that the disqualification is an abuse.

The Congress has been the target of criticism after it decided not to disqualify from public service Freddy Diaz, parliamentarian who allegedly raped one of his workers in his office. The rejection turned out to be such that it was decided to reconsider the vote and with 77 votes in favor it was possible for the former member of Alliance for Progress He cannot hold any office for a decade. This is how the political class reacted.

The author of the final report that requested the disqualification of Díaz, Luis Aragon, assured that what happened remains as a “precedent of the impeccable conduct that a congressman must have.” Along the same lines was a tweet from the president of the Ethics Commission, Karola Paredes, who also addressed the women so that they “remember that they are not alone.” “If we don’t set a precedent, more women will remain silent and not report violence in their workplaces,” she wrote.

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“Congress fulfills its function of sanctioning any act that violates parliamentary investiture. Now it is up to the Prosecutor’s Office to determine the corresponding responsibilities”, was the reaction of Alejandro Munante. For his part, Kira Alcarraz believes that Parliament has given itself “a bit of dignity” by changing the direction of the vote last Tuesday. “Mr. Diaz Monago, we do not want you to continue working and disrespecting Congress!” He added.

Freddy Díaz would have raped a worker in his office in July 2022.
Freddy Díaz would have raped a worker in his office in July 2022.

“Otorongo eats otorongowhen you want ”, reads the publication of Susel Paredes of Integrity and Development. The congresswoman had expressed her rejection of the decision made two days ago and today she celebrates that Díaz cannot exercise public office for ten years. “This time Congress complied, but it must not only do so when the constitutional violation is related to a case of rape, it must also do so when it involves corruption, criminal organization and others,” he added.

Sigrid Bazan, congressman of Cambio Democrático – Together for Peru, presented the request for reconsideration that finally culminated in the disqualification. “Despite the unprecedented defense of some congressmen, finally, this man, accused of rape, was disqualified with 77 votes. May he respond to justice and not go unpunished! ”, He wrote on his social media accounts. Lady CamonesDíaz’s former benchmate, also applauded the decision of the Congress.

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The Ministry of Women and Vulnerable Populations (MIMP) issued a statement through his social networks in the case of the legislator Freddy Diazafter knowing the decision of the Plenary of the Congress of the Republic to approve a report to disqualify him for 10 years in the exercise of public office.

Freddy Díaz was a member of the APP bench.
Freddy Díaz was a member of the APP bench.

“The Plenary of Congress reconsidered its previous vote and approved the final report that proposes disqualifying congressman Freddy Díaz for 10 years from the exercise of public function, denounced and investigated for rape,” the institution wrote on its Twitter account. Twitter.

In a second tweet, the MIMP noted: “The powers of the Condition we must be firm in the fight against violence against women and members of the family group, even more so if the attack is committed by public officials in State facilities. Nothing justifies violence.”


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