Polish museum asks visitors to stop doing obscene things on its premises

The Polish Museum Fort Gerhard is a secluded place.

The Polish Museum Fort Gerhard is a secluded place.

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Museum workers of the Polish fort Gerhard, located on the border with Germany, begging insatiable lovers to stop engaging in obscene deeds on the territory of an ancient Prussian fortress. Three couples have already been caught at the crime scene this summer. All the secrets have been revealed thanks to the upgraded high-quality video surveillance system installed throughout the fort. Gazeta Wyborcza.

“A earnest request to our guests… how shall I put it…. please no ars armandi (art of love – ed.) in the museum! Not so long ago, the fort was equipped with cameras and oh, if only they could talk…,” reads a message posted on Fort Gerhard’s social media. – We appeal to the understanding of our guests in love: most of the exhibits of our museum are objects “born” many years ago and accustomed to completely different moral standards – conservative, abstinent and Orthodox. Let’s not make them uncomfortable.”

Fort officials warned that all videos were reviewed before being removed. Therefore, if some of the loving visitors want to indulge in passion, they are recommended to go to the deserted beaches in the vicinity of the fortress.

“In less than a month, we found three love scenes on video recordings,” admits the director of the fort, Gerhard Petr Pivovarchik. He added that the fortress had previously attracted lovers of obscene deeds in public places. – Our visitors have different customs, some are conservative, so we do not want anyone to be shocked by stumbling upon a horny couple.

Why a 19th-century Prussian fortress in northwestern Poland has become such a magnet for lovers remains a mystery. The brewer jokingly suggested that Fort Gerhard is a place where lovers really want to release energy. This has a lot of dark nooks and crannies that create the illusion for visitors that no one is watching them.

According to Polish law, indulging in indecent pleasures in public places is prohibited. Those caught doing this face a fine of 1,500 złoty (about 19,000 rubles).

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