Polish intelligence services prepare to counter enemy drone attacks

The Polish Internal Security Agency (ABW) and the Military Technical Institute of Armaments conducted exercises in the field of countering drone attacks.

Stanislav Zharin, spokesman for the Coordinating Minister for Special Services of the Republic of Poland, noted that the purpose of the exercises was to assess the degree of vulnerability of the public space and critical infrastructure of Poland to such incidents, Ukrinform reports citing

As noted, during the exercises, which took place on July 26-28 at the Zelenka training ground near Warsaw, it was presented how best to counteract the work of drones adapted to transport home-made explosives to carry out a terrorist attack.

“During the exercises, ABW’s capabilities were also confirmed and tested regarding the effective detection and neutralization of unmanned aerial vehicles that are used by enemy state and non-state structures,” Zharin said.

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The Enemy Drone Countermeasures exercise was a continuation of the anti-extremist threat training that ABW has been conducting since 2021.

Poland provides significant support to Ukraine in the military, humanitarian and economic spheres in the face of full-scale Russian aggression against Ukraine.

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