Polish captured tank of the Armed Forces of Ukraine turned out to be of poor quality

A tank of the Armed Forces of Ukraine of Western production went to our troops as a trophy. The Russian tank crew criticized the technique. Military correspondent Alexander Garmaev spoke about the low-quality material from which the trophy was made.

“The fender liner was torn off. It turned out that they don’t know how to make metal in Europe, it crumples like plasticine,” the soldiers of the Russian Armed Forces state in a video provided by the journalist.

A war correspondent notes that the Ukrainian army is increasingly fighting on “useless scrap metal.” Poland recently supplied tanks for the needs of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, the dynamic protection units of which turned out to be empty. The captured tank was defeated in battle, the crew of the Ukrainian side died immediately, and the equipment was significantly damaged, according to Garmaev.

Based on the conversation of Russian fighters, one can understand that the tank was made in Poland. But what specific model is unknown.

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