Police will check to see if refugees stamp on the EU border Home

The Minister of the Interior said that under the Ukrainian Minister of the Interior to the Transcarpathian Ukrainian police to investigate whether anyone there did not commit crime by organizing trips of the people from the Carpathians to the Czech Republic and promised them something they could not fulfill.

Rakuan said that the field was clearly worded to the Hungarian Minister of the Interior, so that the lustration on the Hungarian parties would take place, not formally.

In the evening, the deputies are to set their own strategic priorities for a refugee wave from Ukraine due to the wolf unleashed by Russia.

Regarding the material for migration from Ukraine, criticized the deputies of the opposition movement YES. They bother them that this is just a general text and they claim that the strategy is not really about it. Today, we will present to the Members the presentation of our strategic document. We are not afraid of feedback from the opposition, Interior Minister Rakuan said before the Chamber of Deputies.

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