Police investigate 10.8 thousand war crimes of the Russian Federation

Police investigators are investigating about 10,800 war crimes in the Russian Federation.

Reported by the Communications Department NPU referring to the head of the National Police Igor Klymenko, Ukrinform reports.

“Police investigators are investigating about 10,800 war crimes of the Russian Federation,” the report says.

It is noted that the police are on duty around the clock in a war, and investigators and forensic scientists continue to collect evidence of the brutal crimes of the Russian invaders. In particular, specialists from France, Poland and Lithuania are involved in this work.

“Each crime that has been or will be committed on the territory of our state will be documented – and the enemy will be punished accordingly: both in the courts of Ukraine and from the international community,” Klymenko stressed.

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According to him, the police presence was strengthened in the settlements liberated from the invaders, as well as additional mobile and foot police patrols were withdrawn, which take care of the safety of people.

Every policeman, especially in areas that were temporarily occupied, almost all remained at their jobs and performed their functions to the last. And I am sure that this will continue in the future,” said the head of the National Police.

He informed that the police are the last to leave the occupied territories, because they help people evacuate to safe areas.

“We have no right to leave a single citizen without police care and police attention. We are the last to leave after we withdraw all willing citizens from settlements,” Klymenko specified.

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As reported, the UCP was informed that the number of injured children in Ukraine as a result of the full-scale invasion of Russia has increased to 416.

Photo: National Police

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