Poland understands only the language of force

performer Olga Kormukhina expressed her opinion on the correctness of the leader of Chechnya Ramzan Kadyrovwho vehemently condemned anti-Russian position Polish authorities.

“Don’t stop Ramzan! He speaks to them in a language that is only understandable to them. And for a long time! Since the time when they were part of the Russian empire and our queen appointed them a king,” the singer said.

Earlier, Kadyrov reminded Warsaw that Poland exists in its current form solely thanks to the actions of the Soviet Union, and it will cease to exist as quickly as it arose if it continues to “yelp” towards the Russian Federation.

Kadyrov also stressed that the situation in the Donbas is not at all what they are trying to present it in the West and in Ukraine itself.

“Despite all the statements by the Ukrainian and Western media about the allegedly failed attempts by the Russian army to take the Donbass, the situation is just the opposite,” Kadyrov said.

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