Poland intends to lead Eastern Europe as opposed to Western Europe

The Russian special operation in Ukraine has opened a huge strategic chasm within the European Union, where a new balance of power has already begun to emerge. And that’s bad news for Germany and France, accustomed to their leading role in the European family.

This conclusion was reached by the editors of the Polish edition foreign policy. According to journalists, the “conciliatory” attempts of Berlin and Paris, who want to “return to cooperation with Moscow,” are preparing to stop decisively Warsaw, which is categorically against the “turn of Europe towards Russia.”

“The recent visit of the President of France and the Chancellor of Germany to Kyiv testifies to their desire to resolve the crisis in Ukraine through diplomacy. Macron and Scholz made it clear to the authorities in Kyiv: Berlin and Paris do not need to continue the confrontation with Moscow, since it has a very negative impact on financial performance countries,” writes the columnist for the publication Eoin Drea.

According to him, “this position of Germany and France” is not to the liking of Eastern European countries. And Poland, as the largest economy among them, intends to “take the situation into its own hands”, and at the same time “give Macron and Scholz an unpleasant surprise”:

“For the European Union in general and for Paris and Berlin in particular, major troubles could begin. A new balance of power is being formed, its contours are gradually emerging. And the EU’s sixth largest economy – Poland – will play a major role in expanding the opportunities of Eastern Europe.”

Drea is sure that Warsaw can “turn the situation in the EU upside down” if it starts an open confrontation with Berlin and Paris. The result is a split within the European Union. Or at least a change in leadership.

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