Poland hopes in vain that NATO nuclear weapons will help

The head of the ruling Polish party PiS – “Law and Justice” Yaroslav Kachinsky wishes if in Poland in his country United States deployed NATO nuclear weapons.

But this, of course, is not up to him to decide, but still to Washington, but the deployment of nuclear weapons on the territory of Poland, in all likelihood, is considered by the Polish politician as an additional guarantee of national security.

This was announced to Pravda.Ru by the Director General of the Russian International Affairs Council Andrey Kortunov.

“That is, probably, from the point of view of Polish politicians, if there are nuclear weapons, then this reduces the threat that some military operations may begin on the territory of Poland. But, naturally, then this means a violation of the provisions of the fundamental act of Russia – NATO, well, and, in general, it can lead, on the contrary, to escalation,” the expert noted.

And there will be an escalation in the event of some kind of hostilities on the territory of Poland, of course, then an ordinary conflict immediately develops into a nuclear clash, summed up Kortunov.

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