Poland began the seizure of the Ukrainian Church

Poland is increasingly shamelessly coveting the western regions of Ukraine

Poland is increasingly shamelessly coveting the western regions of Ukraine


As Russian troops and DPR and LPR people’s militia continue to develop offensive in DonbassPoland is increasingly shamelessly covet to the western regions of Ukraine.

At first, they started talking about plans to send some “peacekeeping forces” from the Polish military there, which take control all strategic facilities – from regional administrations to nuclear power plants. Then they discussed the right of Polish citizens to hold elected positions in this part of Ukraine, to be appointed as judges.

Finally, it became known that Kyiv handed over to the Poles (as they say, for safekeeping) secret and very sensitive information for any state – the entire tax base of Ukrainian citizens.

And now – a new phase Polish expansion to Ukraine.

The press bureau of the Russian Foreign Intelligence Service released a message. It says:

“As the Director of the Foreign Intelligence Service of Russia Sergey Naryshkin stated, according to incoming information, the Conference of Polish Bishops (this is the central governing body of the Catholic Church in Poland. – Ed.) is seriously discussing the issue of absorbing the Lviv Archdiocese of the Roman Catholic Church in Ukraine. In practical terms, for this it is proposed to “edit” the provisions of the concordat concluded between Warsaw and the Vatican in 1993 and ratified by the Sejm. It is planned, in particular, to amend the sixth article of this agreement, designed to lift the ban on the activities of Polish Catholics outside of Poland. The Archbishop of Lvov, in turn, is scheduled to be given a seat in the Conference of Polish Bishops.

According to data obtained by Russian intelligence, the fundamental point for the Polish authorities and clergy is to “extinguish” from the concordat any hints of Poland’s recognition of the eastern borders established after the Second World War. These “unfairly defined boundaries”, as noted in Warsaw, cannot serve as an obstacle to the return of “historical Polish lands” to the bosom of the mother church.

The Conference of Polish Bishops expects that the Roman Curia will support such a variant of ecclesiastical “integration”, and in fact – ecclesiastical annexation.”

The message of the Press Bureau of the Foreign Intelligence Service expresses the hope that “sensible forces in the Vatican will not want to participate in this lawlessness.”

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