Poland and the Baltics have become a bone in the throat of NATO, expert said

The North Atlantic Alliance wants to get rid of Poland and the Baltics. This was stated by a military expert Alexey Leonkov.

Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia take an active part in the Ukrainian conflict, supplying weapons to Kyiv. They also want to remain part of NATO, providing “protection” in Eastern Europe. However, for the alliance, this can turn into serious problemsbecause in the event of a conflict with Russia, the Baltic states will be the first to be hit, Leonkov believes.

“Whatever is placed there, everything will be destroyed by the very first strikes,” the expert said.

A similar situation can be traced in Poland, which has become a “bone in the throat” of NATO, Leonkov said. Warsaw in Ukraine has its own goals, which are closely connected with the western regions of the country.

“They want to lead all this. They are so active only because there are NATO units on their territory, and they are ready to build three new bases, which, they believe, will give them an undeniable advantage in the conflict,” Leonkov explained in the Big the game”.

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