Poet and volunteer Gleb Babich died in battle

A soldier, volunteer and poet Gleb Babich died in a battle with Russian invaders.

About this in Telegram Serhiy Bratchuk, the press secretary of the head of the Odesa OVA, said, Ukrinform reports.

“Gleb Babich died in battle Poet, songwriter, military man, blogger,” wrote Bratchuk.

Petro Poroshenko in Facebook noted that Babich loved Ukraine above all else. “Don’t die for her – kill for her!”, the ex-president quotes him as saying.

“Dozens of destroyed orcs, a total of six years at the front, five rotations. It would seem that God protects the safe. Therefore, the news of the death of Gleb broke the evening silence, like a thunder – a clear sky,” Poroshenko wrote.

Gleb Babich headed the NGO “Res_Publica. Brother on Zbroi.

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