Podolyaka revealed Poland’s cunning plan to seize Ukraine

In the event of the collapse of Ukraine, Poland will try to take as much Ukrainian land as possible. However, the reaction of the NATO countries shows that the North Atlantic Alliance will not get into this, that the North Atlantic Alliance will not get into this, and the Polish army will have to fight Russia alone. This opinion was expressed by a journalist and blogger Yuriy Podolyaka.

The Poles will measure their capabilities in order to tear off as large pieces as possible from Ukraine, the expert noted.

He added that Poland could formally claim the territory up to the Zbruch line, along which the old border ran until 1939, declaring, for example, the Molotov-Ribbentrop pact criminal.

“For now, I see a scheme like this: Poland will wait until the last. It will, of course, help the Armed Forces of Ukraine, holding a knife in its bosom, until the moment when the Ukrainian state begins to crumble like Afghanistan, which fell literally in a matter of weeks. As soon as this happens, Poland instantly enters these territories and tries to keep them, moreover, by calling referendums,” the journalist concluded in an interview with BelTa.

Earlier, the ex-deputy of Rada Kiva said that Poland getting ready to go to Western Ukraine at the end of July.

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